Once upon a time

With design 3.0 to the site, there is now a blog!

Once upon a time

Welcome! I am currently redesigning the site, so be sure to look out for some more content soon.

What will the site contain?

I’m planning on writing some blog posts on highlights of books I love. They’re different from book reviews in that 1) it’ll only be on books that I like and 2) it’s not so much a critique of a book as opposed to snippets of the book that I wanted to share.

In addition, I also hope to write about programming projects that I am working on. For a quick overview, see the Projects page page.

I might add some random tidbits from life, but there won’t be too many of those (read: his life is too dull and monotonous for that sort of thing).

But I liked the old design!

Likewise! The issue with the old site design is that there was no support for adding blog posts (the Monopoly post was generated markdown, which doesn’t feel like a good, scalable solution). Moreover, I was using regular HTML for content, whereas this design uses Jekyll and Markdown. This should make it easier to design consistently. Lastly, the old design was better suited as a landing page with a quick bio. On the other hand, this new design focuses on blog posts, which is ideal.


I was edging for a catchier title: ‘In the beginning, there was nothing’ or ‘In the beginning, there was darkness’. Both sound too dark and morbid, not to mention that I don’t even know if that’s true.