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Monday, April 14, 2014

Its 100 !! Thank YOU !!

This took sometime to come up. And for those of you of thinking its just 'sometime' ,  its been close 6 years since when I first started writing and sharing. 

Given this is my 100th post , I cannot think of a better post and a way to say thank you . A big thanks to each and everyone one of you  in this journey of 6 years.

When I look back in time and all the way till 2008 there has been a lot that has happened . I have had some amazing time with some really special people and I have stayed , lived and traveled to even more fun places. Many people have gone by and become as a past and many new have walked in as a present .  Will they be with me in the future tomorrow , time only will tell. 

I have written and shared a lot in the 99 posts gone by .  I never knew myself that I would come this far  . My writing style has changed and modified , I have shared across a wide array of topics and I have taken the liberty of recreate some life changing experiences which either I or my closed ones went through . 

I can go on and on but there is one special person that I need to thank today . And that person is - YOU . Without your support , your comments , your views  , your inputs and constant engagement this journey would not have been possible . 

Not sure where life would take me and YOU . But , as they say , as long as we breathe and as long as we experience life there will always be so much more to share and talk about. 

Saying “thank you” can be hard. But it’s so important and today someone has told me a very simple yet powerful thing which  I want to share with YOU all . 

Saying thank you creates love.


A Thank You video. Hope you will like it. 

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Monday Morning Melodious

Today , as was still in my dreams at an unknown destination with a known person  , I got a loud beep on my cell . The message was from a dear friend from the US for an upcoming call in the next five minutes.

Still rubbing off my eyes and thinking what could have possibly gone wrong ( the negative human that we all are ) or what possible I could do sitting in India various thoughts started oscillating in my mind.

By the time I could figure out what had happened, the call came in .  And guess what. On the other side there was this friend (for a lack of name and to avoid any further queries )  let’s call this person as -  Riya .   She sung a melodious Aarti which she just learnt and to top it all on the piano.  

What beautiful a sight can be to hear a melodious voice that too an Aarti from far away on an early Monday morning.  I felt like I was in a different air all together . These gestures, random calls without a reason make you feel all alive and kicked about. When people do things without a linked benefit or an outcome expected out of it, it just simplifies your thinking and the very existence of you .

The day , the moment we start having expectations from people that’s the signal that we are headed onto a wrong path . It’s not bad not to have expectations but it’s unfair to link them with other dots. I have now realized for a fact there is just as much sugar as you can put into anything – be it a friendship ,  a relationship or even a battle with your toughest of the opponents.  

Say thanks to those who entered into your life and made you feel important. Thank those who listened to you which made you feel like you were worth it.  And also say thanks to those who left and made you understand that nothing lasts forever . You may be far away and not in touch with your dearest of friends but taking time out ( which I am sure you can ) and wishing them on their birthdays ( by calling ) will not only take you back to those happy times but will also do something similar to your friend .

As most of us love surprises and being an Aquarian ,  I too . So when I got this big box of goodies from someone dear far away in Mumbai I was taken aback. It was a mixed feeling since I never knew where we stood in life . And when I opened the box I did feel a small tear rolling down . It’s a feeling which you can’t describe when you are being taken care in such a way without anything in return . It just redefines life and you as a person.

So the next time , when you feel you are putting in a lot of effort into something  or you are the only one who is going the extra mile , sit back and get some ‘me’ space . You take my word – all this is not worth it because no one but your heart knows when it feels loved and taken care of . There are better and nicer people out there and when the time is right , things will fall in place . Till then enjoy the journey .

Linking back to astrology , when you were born it was because there was  a specific combination of energies , nakshataras and planets  at certain positions favorable for your arrival.  Similarly , all key events in your life will happen when the puzzles complete a picture .
As for Riya , in case you watched Hum-Tum , the lead characters in that case also were -  Riya and Karan .But nothing would have worked if it was not for the beautiful  audience ( which in this case are you  - my reader ).

Thanks to those who love me , you make my heart go fonder …..

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Simple pleasures in little things

When you meet someone after a long time say a gap of close 4 years  , there is something about both the people that is visible in the eyes of each other . You may say that in this world and era of online and social media you are never really far away but then I am strong believer of face to face interactions . 

Something similar happened a few days back .  I wouldn't call this person a friend since we have known each other for about close 12 years now .  We have seen each other grow up , have had our fair share of fights , happy moments and more importantly being their for each other when needed the most . 

That day when I was at the airport waiting for her flight to land all I could think was in the time gone by I have never really missed her .  Yet, the last time I saw her was close four years . Thats a near 1460 days .   The moment we saw each other all that we could do was just smile . There were people , family to be precise and hence it was a quick in and out.

I could see that there were a lot of questions , queries , may be answers in her eyes and irrespective of a close 7,270 mi distance she traveled there was not a sign of sleep .  

Like I say , there are moments you should not let go just because there is no time , or its too late or there always is a tomorrow . So we decided to have a late night coffee with Karan session and ensure we don't waste time sleeping . Delhi , at late night is not the best of the place but then who really cares . 

The amount of effort you put to keep yourself happy is the same you put to keep yourself sad. Choice is yours!   

We chatted and chatted and chatted . We talked all things random and most importantly I learnt in such conversations where the excitement levels are very high one needs to be a very patient and an active listener . Thoughts , words just flow by as if there is no tomorrow . We go back in time then again in the present and keep on oscillating . We realize there is so much more than the mundane tasks we do . There is so much that each other can teach , share and talk about . 

Its fun to say the least .  Late night drives in and around Chankyapuri are always fun . The flowers in full bloom , the neat streets and the calm all around . 

These are the people , the times which one should really cherish in life and look forward to . Withing few seconds you ease out , calm down and have no thoughts of all the negativity which was going in and around you for all this while . The daily work routine where days pass faster than you think . 

Of late , I have been meeting or interacting with people who live in their own world. These people are as I say - lone warriors .  They need you but they need you just as a tick mark activity in their life. They are dominating , poor listeners and most importantly extremely sensitive  by nature . Though you may feel they like you or may be more , but believe me they are not worth your time or effort . Let them go and pass by . They are just the dark clouds before a beautiful rain descends .

Little things should never go unnoticed - Always remember . Those who make your efforts go unnoticed are surely not meant to be with you. 

Keep it simple and enjoy the little things in life. 


In case you too like listening to songs , check out my current  favorite song - LINK 


Also wishing everyone a very happy Sri Gaura Purnima festival and happy Gaudabda New Year. May Lord Chaitanya bless us with the devotion and humility to be engaged in his service.

A short and beautiful video on who is Lord Chaitanya and why did he appear- LINK


And where did we go for the coffee -  Read my Zomato review here 

Saturday, February 22, 2014

The 'calls' you MUST TAKE

Since many days I have been fighting with myself for taking some calls which I had to take but still I strongly feel I could have avoided those. 

Often, as individuals we take calls every single day every moment . It can be as simple as what to wear and what to pair it up with , which route to take to work every single day or as is typical in Indian households what to make for tomorrow in terms of the food itinerary . 

There are some easy calls that you need to take and they do not impact much in life . Then there are some not so easy calls that you need to take and they may have an impact on your life . Lastly, there are some must take hard calls which definitely impact your life. It also depends how you see things and what is the heart-mind combination you follow up with.

My chance meeting with a flower seller aged 11 years made me understand that these calls are usually choices we make . These calls are usually linked back to who we are as persons and what we are as individuals.

The flower seller named Arsh took up to selling flowers at Delhi crossing way back when he was 6 . He said he has a simple funda in life . He likes to see people happy and smiling at him when persistently knocks on their car windows . For him , for those 10 seconds everyone is the car thinks about him , everyone who can see him sell the flowers also thinks about him .

He occupies mind space and for those seconds he blocks everyone's thinking . May be good and may be bad which we as humans might be thinking .  

Flowers make you smile and so do kids . There are some which roll their windows down and their are some which just don't.  Its a call which we take . 

When you as individuals take these calls be sure , very sure that its linked to something larger . Something which make you develop as a human and complete as an individual . Something which makes to at peace , happy at face and calms you.

Its hard to take calls but then life was never meant to be an easy walk .  Right from choosing a new smartphone , to making plan to your most wanted destination or for that matter picking up the right one you would want to marry - calls are all what we take in life. 

Look back and think in the weeks , months or may be years gone by the calls that you have taken may have changed you in more than one way. You may have not realized this but yes you did take a call . 
Next time ,remember me when you take calls . Remember , that you took a call to read what I wanted to share :) 


On a lighter note,  I watched the first day show of the movie HIGHWAY  . Not many people would know , its based on something called as the Stockholm syndrome.  A tough watch but worth a watch . 

Also, you need to listen to the song - Patakha  Guddi sung very well by the talented Nooran sisters. 


Thursday, February 6, 2014

Sarahan and the divinity all around

Bhimakali Temple , Sarahan

"Woh pehli baar jab hum mile;
haathon mein haath jab hum chale;
ho gaya yeh dil deewana;
hota hai pyaar kya isne jaana; "

It's a beautiful song. And this was playing on our very own BOSE surround stereo equipped 4x4 as we headed towards an unknown destination.

Busy,I was in the journey. Niki was almost nearing the ninth circle of sleep.Poor Ranbir was trying his level best to make us reach safely.And my dear Rads - was thinking - wow ! It's so beautiful in India. [ These 'Indian gone US' -people I tell you :P ]

A friend called in on my cell.It was close to 12:10 am.

"Hey Karan - what is your plan for the 9th February.Let's attend the wedding".

Everyone woke up.Systems started and it was all afresh. This was only , one half.

And all were after me.

  • Ranbir - " what the ***** . koi bhi phone karega raat ke barah baje".
  • Rads - " people's man . Let some people sleep please."
  • Niki -"kya hua .All well na "

It's a proven scientific phenomena that when you are in deep sleep and suddenly the phone rings the heart beats faster ,pulse too and it takes a while before to realize what exactly is going on.A dangerous thing though.

And when you are all alone , with your gang and a road which has just your car's noise to echo yours ,  better be careful.

I hate to say but Indian roads are not that well to drive @ nights.Unless,it's really urgent.

We were heading to Sarahan . A beautiful place in my favourite state - HP. Also, called the gateway to Kinnaur.

You have to see it to believe it.It's simply beautiful.

We reached around 5 in the morning.Everyone was shit tired.But ,the landscape was breath-taking.Nobody wanted to take a nap / tea / bath.Just sit and relax.

And Ms.Niki spoke very softly to all - "Guys ,if you wanna enjoy this please have a small power nap and some tea ,because it's decently chilly out here.

Also,we need to see the famous Bhimakali temple in the morning.

So,get going,will you ? Yes ma'am. Roger that.

All of us went inside and slept like there is no sunrise ever going to happen.

But,Rads - bang on time - 7 cellphones alarmed at the same time.Whats more with the same wake-up tone. "Tere liye....."

After all the usual dramas everyone was up and well.Had a small breakfast and headed towards the temple.

The temple is dedicated to goddess Bhimakali. It's a beautiful temple with superb flowers all around.The temple is simply huge and built in a great architectural way.

See it to believe it.

Sarahan has small bird zoo as they call which is a small trek up the hill.Worth the pain. :)

Places like these are beautifully spread.
They have so called 'tourist places'; 'adventure places' ;sight seeing places; and simply 'awe' inspiring places. Choose your pic and make a move.

Planning is required only in terms of your stay.

HP is famous to have HPTDC hotels / resorts at the best of the places all over HP.So,you can choose and prepare accordingly.The stay was superb.

Jogging,trekking,tea and pakodas , local people and local shopping stuff . It was all so nice.

So,next time when you visit HP ,try shifting from the normal Shimla and Manali herd.

There is more to be explored and seen.........

btw-it seems everyone is either getting married or engaged. I have six wedding functions lined up for the next week.Now I know why they say - "February is the love month .So why not,tie the knot."

And add to this someone has his birthday also in February.What more ? ~ !

PS  -  Since this was an impromptu trip  we decided to use something new and innovative on this  . From flights , hotels and car hire they have everything covered up for us .  New idea and a great execution interface , we were impressed .  
The website link is  -

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